Craig Huther Home of Hilgarth

A Prayer for Dawn

I am the spear that pierces the night,

I am the one who rushes to fight.

I am the seeker of the dawn,

I am the cry above the throng.

I am the blade that dances in the wind,

I am the genesis where tales begin.

I am the victor’s silent cry,

I am the eagle that touches the sky.

I am the banner that soars upon high,

I am the spirit that will never die.

I am the strength at warriors’ peak,

I am the whisper when valor speaks.

I am the fire that lights up the night,

I am the bearer of the torch’s light.

I am the thunder in the storm,

I am the tempest, fierce and warm.

I am the echo in the hall,

I am the answer to the call.

I am the bulwark against despair,

I am the cloak in winter’s air.

I am the ballad eternally sung,

I am the hero, forever young.

I am the guide through endless night,

I am the dawn, the breaking light.

In shadows deep, through battle’s haze,

With hearts unsure, on him we gaze.

Oh, guide us through the starless night,

With spear and flame, bestow us might.

Through winds and gales, our banners free,

In valor’s name, we march with thee.

With ancient steel held by our side,

We’ll face our foes, in him we confide.

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