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Player Characters

  • Filo Noofumi
  • Merric Stiffdrink
  • Torrick McIntyre
  • Flinnic
  • Arun of the Raven Court
  • Alpha Chadsworth

NPCs of Note

  • Tavidius (Tavi) Ventridus
    • Is now missing in the Faewild
  • Antoinette Chadsworth
  • Ballujan, King of the Orcs
  • Syler of the Raven Court, childhood friend of Arun
  • Samsarah Gon
    • Half-Orc Nomadic Seer
  • Franco Bescuzi
    • Business partner of the Party, in Stag’s Crossing
  • Fiona Brightstone
    • Half-Elf Head Prosecutor in Stag’s Crossing
    • From Capitol

Items of Note

  • Gem of Wisdom
  • Brooch of Bravery
  • Chain of Power

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Last Updated: 2019-09-10

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