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The One Who Lied

There once was one pure of heart

Who tried to help from the start

She could look into the mind

To find evil that lurked inside

Kept the order free from imposter

While still able to fill their roster

She had a role that was fulfilled

To help make peace that was instilled

One by one their powers grew

They held the lot, these six few

They kept her close, To trust her most

She was their best boon

The only man who had her heart

He held a lie right from the start

He was not there to help or host

Above all: power he sought most

She would not see what lay inside

For his betrayal he did hide

A warning ignored for love pure

Entrance to the ring did ensure

Once the hidden secrets were shared

The trusting six were unprepared

The trap was set, he did not fret

His time could come soon

One by one he stole their heart

Using her right from the start

Corrupted them for his gain

His love for her he did feign

Soon there was none to oppose

All others he did dispose

Spring to fall, dawn to dusk

All that remains is a husk

Now she sits right by his side

Forever there: The One Who Lied

  • Unknown
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