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The Pact of Three

My Liege,

The harvest is nearly upon us and it looks to be another plentiful yield. Six of the seven foals live still, the pair of lambs are thriving, and the youngest foal is growing strong. I wish this was where the news ended, but I have troubling words still. A total of three of our most promising young men have gone missing. Charlie, Gretta’s eldest, Franklin, Julia’s eldest, and my own Robert. It’s been a fortnight and we have received no word, nor seen traces of them around the outskirts of my holding. Robert was preoccupied the last week I saw him. I caught him mumbling in his sleep about finally finding the way…


Jonthar rubbed his temple as he put the letter in the pile. This was his fourth or fifth time reading through them as he scoured for patterns, anything to assist the effort. War broke out over four years ago now and alliances quickly were made.

Our backs have been against the wall the entire time.

Jonthar’s drifting thoughts were interrupted as a voice spoke.

“They’ve arrived my Lord.” The squire’s head moved back out of the tent flap. Jonthar put the letters aside, sighed, and got up. He collected himself, put his lording face forward, and went to the meeting area.

Lord Trajohn Ohyr, of the Southeastern realm, was sitting down when Jonthar arrived. Ohyr was a gaunt man, grey hair and pale. He was dressed in dark leathers and bronze, a relaxed look on his face. Lord Solom Chadswyrth, Lord of the northeastern realm, was not so calm. He was pacing back and forth behind the table, his thick furs bouncing and his silver armor gleaming.

“Finally we can get started, we don’t have much time.” Lord Chadswyrth commanded attention the moment he spoke. “What was so important we needed to meet here in the dead of night? My men are far from home and close to breaking, the seal will be breached.”

Jonthar sat at the table before him and beckoned Lord Chadswyrth to do the same. He motioned at a squire to bring over some papers.

“The most recent reports are in; There are three phalanxes about 50 miles out of Johannes expect them at the seal within 5 days. They consist of 10 ranks of..”

“We know the damn situation! Tell us now what is so important that you had to drag us here in the middle of the night?” Lord Chadswyrth spat

Jonthar shuffled some of his parchment.

“I have something that I believe can end this struggle in one go.” Jonthar said as he waived for his squire to bring in his special guest.

“This better not be any dark magic Jonthar, otherwise we’d be no better then those damn Vorun” Lord Ohyr spoke out.

“Quite the opposite.” With those words a raven haired elven lady stepped up to the table. “I propose the Vorun’s power be cutoff at the source. A seal was crafted before, a new and improved seal could be made.”

“And why should we trust a random elf?” Lord Ohyr asked with a grumble.

“My guest here has been thoroughly vetted by my top truth seekers. She is here as our friend.” Jonthar explained calmly.

“Yes and I have a personal stake in seeing the end to the Vorun.” The elf said with a cold stare and continued, “While the first seal prohibited the golden power from entering this world, it does not completely stop it’s influence. There is a way to completely cut off all influence from that realm.”

Lord Ohyr shot a glance at Jonthar. “You can’t be serious about this? You can’t be considering cutting us off from our deities? Sure we may win this war but what would that do to us with consequences unknown?”

“What choice do we have Trajohn? If we don’t defeat the Vorun we will not be around to witness anything.” Lord Chadswyrth said flatly. “We will be able to easily overwhelm their forces if they don’t have their dark magic. My people are dying Trajohn.”

“And the citizens of Gragendario will die if the world loses its wonder, it’s sparkle.”

Jonthar rubbed his temples as they bickered.

“I demand a vote!” Lord Chadswyrth finally said. “I am for this plan”

“And I am against it.” Lord Ohyr replied.

It was up to Lord Jonthar Hilgarth for the final decision.

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