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Cheridon Forest - Ancient Forest Untouched by Civilization

Scary Mysterious Forest Between the Swampshark Spine and the Great Blue, lies the ancient Cheridon Forest. Entire ecosystems thrive above the canopy, which is up to 300 feet thick. The underforest is dark, dank, and filled with luminous fungus. Few have returned from expeditions down there, for it is dominated by fantastical beasts and deadly creatures.

The Uplands

Those are some long ass leaves

Leaves, long and wispy like blades of grass stretch as far as the eye can see; atop of the Swampshark Spine, the Uplands are often mistaken for grasslands. No soil will be found beneath the “grass” here, only an endless mass of leaves, dense fungus, and eventually branches and bark. Some of the most unique fuana and flora call the Uplands their home; from flompuffs to flying fish to Aarakocra. Many lakes and ponds form and disappear due to the uneven landscape and rare, but heavy rainfall.

The Cavernous Underforest

Don't eat them

While the majority of Cheridon Forest is yet unmapped, the entrance near Fe’ral Dunn has been extensively explored. Upon entering Gnoll’s Hole, all natural light is gone, an eery glow from the many bioluminescent mushrooms allow a short viewing distance. Tree trunks hundreds of feet wide, stretching thousands of feet into the air are the foundation to the Underforest. The area is so cavernous, a unique weather system has formed, capable of vicious windstorms and torrential rains.

Some of the most exotic animals and plants are found in the Underforest. Umberferns which suck the light out of an area, displacer beasts that hunt in the shadows and bark gargoyles that blend right in with the surroundings are but a taste of what you can find here. The deeper you travel into the heart of the forest, the thicker and more spaced out the trees are, and the larger and more dangerous the inhabitants are…

Rumors of Something More

The few who were lucky enough, (or unlucky enough) to return from a deep exposition into Cheridon Forest aren’t the same. They ramble on about flowers who talked with them, little girls who flew around, and can never seem to sit still. After their experience, they find that regular civilization is not for them.

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