Craig Huther Home of Hilgarth

Fe'ral Dunn - The City of Hammers

Fe'Ral Dunn

Far to the North West, where the swamp meets the highlands, built into the side of a mountain; the most skillful smiths in the land call Fe’ral Dunn their home. Home to the Atlas Forge with smelters fueled by liquid magma, masterwork items are created here.

A Strong Defense

The largest doors in Hilgarth, standing over 150’ high and 10’ thick, separate the internal forgehalls from the sprawling settlement at the base of the mountain. With all the high quality items forged here, the vaults of Fe’ral Dunn are near impenetrable, and have been used as defense against dragons before.

Community of Outcasts

“Your blood holds no weight here” - Fe’ral Dunn Saying

To the residents of Fe’ral Dunn, it doesn’t matter where you are from, only what you can do. Work hard, stay persistent like the hammer on the forge and you will rise in Fe’ral Dunn. There is no Lord here, only prominent members of the community given power by the rest of the community.

The Atlas Forge

Every 90 seconds, 20 tons of hardened steel is lifted 100 feet into the air then dropped to slam off of the Atlas Forge. Powered by the eternal chain, this slam forge is large enough to be felt nearly a mile away. As the crown jewel of Fe’ral Dunn, apprentice smiths from all over Hilgarth make pilgrimage here just to use the Atlas Forge.

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