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Latest Hilgarth Campaign Post

A Long Deserved Rest

The Cleaners finally make it to Fe'ral Dunn. Our lovely DM talks to himself for a while.
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Latest Hilgarth Lore Post

Kritana & Vavo

A tale of two rogues in pre-Hilgarth times.
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Latest Tech Post

Securing a Self Hosted Teamspeak Server

Worry less about giving out admin access to your private server. Learn how to setup permissions properly.
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Inspections and Experiments

Our crusty crew has found themselves a name, also they make sure the dungeon is up to snuff.

Guards and Tunnels

The party worms their way out of the current predicament, but as the saying goes, out of the frying pan and into the fire!

A Favor and Some Trouble

The party waltzes its way into trouble headfirst!

Friends and Curry


Owls and The Capitol

The crew finally makes it to The Capitol, but the party is split!