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A Long Deserved Rest

The Cleaners finally make it to Fe'ral Dunn. Our lovely DM talks to himself for a while.
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Latest Hilgarth Lore Post

Kritana & Vavo

A tale of two rogues in pre-Hilgarth times.
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Securing a Self Hosted Teamspeak Server

Worry less about giving out admin access to your private server. Learn how to setup permissions properly.
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New Light

The Cleaners take some well earned R&R as they prepare for the next leg in their journey.

Cheridon Forest - Ancient Forest Untouched by Civilization

Between the Seampshark Spine and the...

Fe'ral Dunn - The City of Hammers

Far to the North West, where the swamp...

Deep Cell

The Cleaners finally find what they are looking for...

Lots of Blood & Lots of Doorways

The cleaners dive deeper into the dungeons, then they are completely stumped.